SSB Agenda

Senior State Board
Adjourned Meeting
December 20, 2011, 7:00 PM
Proposed Agenda
1.  Call to Order  7:00 PM
2.  Roll Call for Quorum (*non-voting members, **Invited non-board members)
            Connie Anderson, Hyrum Berg, John Berg, Janelle Braithwait, Marissa Goldenman, Pam Hallock, Janice Heckethone, Flora Johnson, Stefan Kovalenko, Judith Lehman, Doug Nelson, Sara Ward, Leilani Sheetz*, Peggy Goldenman**,  Carrie Lee Venable**, Jennifer Lundberg**, Rod Fleck**, Daphne Jasinski**.
3.   Details of State Conference - Daphne Jasinski
            a.  Ferries from Seattle arrive at Bremerton 9:30 & 11:00 AM
            b.  Senior State Board Meeting (election of senior state officers)  20 minutes
            b.  State Board Meeting (no scheduled business) 10 minutes
            c.  Conference (90 minutes)
            d.  Puget Sound Navy Museum hours 10:00 AM to 4:oo PM

4.  Details of George Washington Memorial Celebration 
5.   Policy for Sampson Fund  - Doug Nelson

6.  Coming Regional Meeting - July 6-7, 2012
7.  Report from Local Societies :
        a.  Ada L. McCleary - Judith Lehman
        b.  Captain Nathan Hale - Marissa Goldenman
        c.  Mt. Rainier - Sara Ward
        d.  Randolph Lawson - Connie Anderson
        e.  Spokane - Janelle Braithwait 
        f.  William Devin - John Berg
        g   Disbanding:  Sally Glacken & Princess Angeline 
8.  Review Schedule of future Senior State Board meetings.
        a.   Sunday, February 19, 2012 (electronic)
        b.   Saturday, March 24, 2012 (Annual at State Conference)
9.  Review Schedule of Evergreen Newsletters
        a.  February 23, 2010 (news of Christmas Party, Future State Conference)
10.  Suggestions for the Senior State Nominating Committee and member State Nominating Committee
11.  Adjourn by 9:00 PM

 While not required, it would be helpful if main motions were submitted in advance so that they can be included in the agenda availaable to all during the meeting.