Regional Meeting

The 2023 Regional Meeting 

July 26-28, 2023


More details will become available in June 2022

Additional forms there are:

2018 Regional Meeting

 Every Summer, C.A.R. members throughout the country gather for Regional Meetings in nine regions of  the C.A.R. in the United States.  The National President and additional members of the National Board tour the regions,  It is a great time for members to meet other C.A.R. from around the country, making and renewing friendships.  It provides a worthwhile experience for those who can't make it to the National Convention.
The Western Region consists of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii.  Each year the Regional meeting is hosted by a different State Society.  Here is the list of locations for the regional meetings:
2006    San Jose, California
2007    Olympia, Washington
2008    Portland, Oregon
2009    Las Vegas, Nevada
2010    Pocatello, Idaho
2011    San Jose, California
2012    Bellevue, Washington
2013    Las Vegas, Nevada
2014    Portland, Oregon
2015    San Diego, California
2016    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 
2017    Reno, Nevada
2018    Vancouver, Washington 
2019    California  (The SAR National Congress was in Orange County, California in July 2019)
2020   Cancelled and later held electronically
2021.   Nevada (electronically) 
2022    Oregon
2023    Washington?
Here are video clips from past regional meetings:  

Click here for the video promoting the 2017 Regional Meetings

Click here for another video clip

Here is another one

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