The Washington State Theme     

for 2013-2014:
Respect and Honor

The Washington State Project   
for 2013-2014:

Each year, the Washington State Society of the Children of the American Revolution creates a State Theme and the Washington State President chooses a program that will benefit the Society and the State.  Led by State President Keith Anderson and Senior State President Mrs. Connie Anderson, our State Board promotes the State project and theme to support our educational programs.


State President                                                                                                              Senior President

Keith Anderson                                                                                                            Connie S. Anderson

Honor Flight


The 2013-2014 Washington State C.A.R Project is to raise funds to support Honor Flight.  We are asking the C.A.R. Societies, the DAR Chapters, and the SAR Chapters, to help us raise funds to support Honor Flight.  Our goal is to raise $2,250.


Visitors to Washington, D.C., can see and be inspired by monuments to those who served in the World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Many veterans and heroes have never seen the memorials built to honor their service, due to the expense and distance involved.  Honor Flight’s goal is to help every American veteran in the United States fly to Washington D.C., to visit the memorials commemorating their service. (World War II veterans being the top priority) If they can get on a plane or bus, Honor Flight wants to get them there!



Honor Flight was first started in May 2005, when six small private planes flew 12 World War II Veterans from Ohio to Washington D.C. to see the Memorial. By August of 2005, Honor Flight already had a waiting list of veterans who are hoping to make a similar trip with Honor Flight’s help. In the seven years since, Honor Flight has transported nearly 100,000 veterans to Washington DC to make their dream a reality.  To learn more about Honor Flight visit their website:


If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please make the check out to W.S.S.C.A.R. noting that it is for the Washington State C.A.R. Project. Mail checks to Senior State Treasurer.





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