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C.A.R. on Facebook

     The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution does not sponsor or endorse C.A.R. groups on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.   The National Society does not take responsibility for any such group on social networks. It is recommended that the following disclaimer be included: “This site is NOT sponsored or endorsed by The National Society of the Children of the American Revolution.”
     Members and seniors may use these sites to network, communicate, and share stories with other C.A.R. members and seniors as long as they do not state or imply that they are official C.A.R. groups. Not unlike when a member or senior wears a C.A.R. shirt or carries C.A.R. merchandise, these sites become representative of the organization and must represent the values of the organization.
     Members and nonmembers should be directed to the official N.S.C.A.R. Web site, www.nscar.org. or the official internet site for the Washington State Society of the Children of the American Revolution, www.WaStateCAR.org.

     Currently, there are closed Facebook groups for the Washington State Society, the Capt. Nathan Hale Society, the Randolph Lawson Society, and the Mount Rainier Society.   These are administered by individual members and senior leaders and are not official C.A.R. groups.

See N.S.C.A.R Handbook, 2010, opposite Page  i 
The following counsel comes from the National Information Technology Committee:
Think twice before you post pictures on Facebook.  Would you be embarrassed if your parents (or the Honorary Senior National Presidents) saw the picture on the slideshow at State Conference or National Convention?  Would you be embarrassed if a potential employer (or college admissions staff!!) saw this picture?  Would your friends be embarrassed if you tag them in a particularly unflattering picture that's posted to their Wall?

If the answer is "Well.... Maybe" or "Hmm...Yes" -- Don't post it! If it's not your picture, untag it.

Your online reputation is important, and if your pictures or comments
associated with C.A.R., it impacts C.A.R.'s reputation too!

Please post responsibly.

Holly Lynne McKinley Schmidt, SSCP, CSSLP
Senior National Chairman, Information Technology Committee

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