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Dress Code

Dress Code


National Convention, Regional Meetings, & State Conferences


For Banquet or Dance:


     Ladies/Girls -- Formal, party dress, or military uniform.  An evening wrap is suggested due to air conditioning.


     Gentlemen/Boys -- Tuxedo, coat and tie, or military uniform.  Coats may not be removed during the banquet.



For Business Sessions:

NOTE: Because of the compact schedule of events, the Senior State Board has decided to relax the dress code for the business session of the 2010 State Conference. Keep in mind, however, that C.A.R. Insignia and official ribbon should not be worn with casual attire and should not be worn on the fort tour, or at the wave pool after the conference.

     Ladies/Girls --  Dresses or skirts and blouses, or military uniform.


     Gentlemen/Boys  -- Suit/sport jackets, slacks, shirts and ties, or military uniform. 




For informal parties & tours:


     All attendees --  Appropriate casual attire.  Footwear must be worn at all times.    Shorts in good taste may be worn for tours.