State Officers

Luke Byrd
State President 2021-2022

2020-2021 State Project
Preserving Our Paths:  National Parks

Since 1926, the National Park Service has cared for our National Parks.  Washington State holds three of these National Parks within its borders, each with its own climate, features, and beauty.
Funding for the parks has decreased, yet the need for trail maintenance and wildfire and terrain protections continue.  Educational programs generally get cut when funds are short.
Please consider supporting the National Park Service.  We can support the parks by:  visiting the parks and personally connecting to the land, buying an annual park pass and assisting with Park budgeting, and/or educating yourself about the parks and spreading the news about their wonder.
There is no better time than now to enjoy our beautiful State's Great Outdoors!

Officers of the C.A.R. must be under the age of 22.  For each officer, there is a corresponding adult who is designated a senior officer.   Most of these "seniors", as they are called, are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), or Sons of the Revolution (S.R.).  These seniors provide training and guidance to the member officers.   Senior officers serve a two-year term ending in 2022.  Member officers serve a one year term.  The current officers are: 

Term ends
April 24, 2022
Senior Officers


Luke Byrd

Sally Buckingham* 

First Vice President

MacKenzey Steiner

Julia Langley 

Second Vice President

Tyler Langley 
Carrie Venable-Byrd


Faith Schroeder 

Stefan Kovalenko 


James Byrd 
Kate Hull Pease


Daniel Johnson

John R. Berg 


Nathan Steiner 

Flora Johnson 


Dorothy Ross 

Sarah Steiner 


Kieran Finn
Suzy Scuderi

*The Senior State President is appointed by the Senior National President and confirmed by the Senior National Board of Management. The appointment for 2020-2022 was confirmed June 2020.

The Senior State Officers, together with the Senior Society Presidents, and most recent past Senior State Presidents (within six years) constitute the Senior State Board.


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