William Devin Society

The William Devin Society C.A.R. was organized in 2007.  It was named for William Devin, Sr, the revolutionary ancestor of its organizing members. Currently, all of its members are descendants of William Devin.

The current membership is now nine, with members located near Port Orchard and Bow.  

The William Devin Society has been represented at the 2007, 2008. 2012, 2014, and 2016 National C.A.R. conventions, as well as all State Conferences and eight Western Regional Meetings.  Three of its members have held the position of President of the Washington State Society, SageMarie Berg (now Ingersoll), Steven Johnson, and Daniel Johnson. 
Members of the William Devin Society gathering at the Island County Fair, 2013
       For more information on the society contact SSP@WaStateCAR.org.

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