History of C.A.R. in Washington State


    Shortly after the organization of the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution in 1895, the Mary Lamphere Society of the C.A.R. was organized in 1896 in Tacoma, Washington.  It has since been disbanded, as have a number of other local societies even to the present time*.
    The oldest C.A.R. Society still in existence in the State of Washington is the Ada L. McCleary Society,  organized in 1924.  By 1934, it was the only local society remaining in the State.
    From 1944 to 1947, there was a renewed interest in the C.A.R. in Washington.  In 1947, the Washington State Society was organized under the leadership of  Mrs. Richard I. Sampson.    The local societies are units of the National Society and the State Society is organized to include the local societies.  A state society cannot exist without at least two local societies.
    Originally the officers of the C.A.R. were all members of the Daughters of the American Revolution, or DAR.   In 1939 member officers were established and termed "junior officers".  Thus there was a National President and Junior National President, and so forth.  In 1958, the adult officers had the prefix "senior" added and the member officers had the "junior" prefix deleted, thus having a Senior National President and National President.  The National Society made this change in 1958, but it took a while for Washington State to make the change.  Members of the Sons of the American Revolution, or SAR, also serve as senior officers.
    In Washington State, the member State President was appointed by the Senior State President until 1968, when Dan Kraft became the first elected State President for the Washington State Society.  

    Years later, Dan Kraft was elected Senior National Second Vice President.  The only other member from Washington State to become a senior national officer other than senior regional vice president was John R. Berg, elected Senior National Recording Secretary in 2018.

*Societies in Washington State that have been disbanded include Thomas Pickering Society, Kitty Livingston Society, Liberty Flag Society, Elisha P. Ferry Society, George Washington Society, Henry Hudson Society, Alice Clarissa Whitman Society, Aberdeen Society, Cameahwait Society, Kamiakin Society, Trail Blazers Society, Fort Walla Walla Society, Teekalet Society, Skagit Chief Society, Baptiste Society, Kulshan Society, Colonel Henry Peyton Society, Captain Robert Gray Society, Sarah Livingston Society, Totem Pole Society, Johnny King Society, Hoquiam Society, Auburn Society, Port Angeles Society, Jacob Ebby Society, Juan de Fuca Society, Savannah Society, Henry Francisco Society and Fort Nisqually Society.



August 1, 1947


(The prefix "Senior" was added about 1964)


Years of Service

Chapter (DAR/SAR)

Mrs. Richard I. Sampson


Chief Seattle DAR

Mrs. Charles T. Lill


Chief Seattle DAR

Mrs. John S Elliott


Elizabeth Ellington DAR

Mrs. Jewell M. Cambell


University of Washington DAR

Mrs. Frank Stephens


Mary Ball DAR

Mrs. William J. Maxwell


Sarah Buchanan DAR

Mrs. Benjamin Hammond


Mrs. John A Peterson, Sr.


Rainier DAR

Mrs. Helen Chase Keliehor


Elizabeth Bixby DAR

Mrs. Harold Engstrom


Jonas Babcock DAR

Mrs. Charles C. Fish


Jonas Babcock DAR

Mrs. Kenneth D Schaitel


Lakota DAR

Mrs. Gilbert D.Carroll


Peter Puget DAR

Mrs. I Thomas Chase


Lady Stirling DAR

Mrs. Gerald Yates


Lakotar DAR

Mrs. Lawrence Honegger


Karneesta DAR

Mrs. Louis Shearer


Peter Puget DAR

Mrs. Howard Holbrook


Peter Puget DAR

Mrs. William Hallock


Peter Puget DAR

Mrs. P. Braithwait

Mr. John R. Berg

Mrs. Lionell P. Anderson

Mrs. Jennifer Lundberg

Mr. John R. Berg 

Mrs. Jennnette Carroll

Ms. Sally Buckingham                    








Mary Hutton DAR

Seattle SAR

Mary Richardon Walker DAR

Elizabeth Ellington DAR

Seattle SAR

                Washington State Presidents
Name Year Society
1 Elizabeth Kefauver 1947-49 Ada L. McCleary
2 Georgina Jeklin 1949-51 Cameahwait
3 Ann McGilchrist 1951-52 Alice Clarissa Whitman
4 Virginia Ramm 1952-53 Teekalet
5 Marita Longstreth 1953-54 Kulshan
6 Bruce Siau 1954-56 Captain Robert Gray
7 Ramona Hopping 1956-58 Princess Angeline
8 Nancy Nethercutt 1958-60 Colonel Henry Peyton
9 Michael Elliott 1960-62 Teekalet
10 Caron Lucile Berg 1962-63 Ada L. McCleary
11 Robert Kennedy 1963-65 Teekalet
12 Lee Alice Kimball 1965-66 Princess Angeline
13 Keith Durfy 1966-67 Johnny King
14 Sandra Winninghoff 1967-68 Juan de Fuca
15 Daniel Warren Kraft 1968-69 Ada L. McCleary
16 Mary Elizabeth Peterson 1969-70 Princess Angeline
17 Michael Lockwood 1970-71 Baptiste
18 Gaile Peterson 1971-72 Princess Angeline
19 Kevin B. Allen 1972-73 Princess Angeline
20 Roy Harting 1973-74 Princess Angeline
21 Linda Rogers 1974-75 Sally Glacken
22 Daniel M. Andreson 1975-76 Fort Nisqually
23 Denise M. Andreson 1976-77 Fort Nisqually
24 Christine Newberger 1977-78 Sally Glacken
25 Erik Clare Peterson 1978-79 Princess Angeline
26 Derrick M. Andreson 1979-80 Fort Nisqually
27 Thresa Howard 1980-81 Sally Glacken
28 Elizabeth Turnipseed 1981-82 Fort Nisqually
29 Tahnya Marie Boyett 1982-83 Princess Angeline
30 Letcher Langston, III 1983-84 Princess Angeline
31 Camae Cezanne Johnson 1984-85 Princess Angeline
32 Rachel Priscilla Barnes 1985-86 Totem Pole
33 Dwayne Gilbert Caroll 1986-87 Totem Pole
34 Karalee Nylund 1987-88 Fort Nisqually
35 Jeanette K. Corey 1988-89 Totem Pole
36 Ronald Crane 1989-90 Princess Angeline
37 Sarah Jeanette Carroll 1990-91 Totem Pole
38 Patricia Buck 1991-92 Ada L. McCleary
39 Laurel Crane 1992-93 Princess Angeline
40 Vonita Hallock 1993-94 Ada L. McCleary
41 Jaimee Shearer 1994-95 Chakawah
42 Christopher Honegger 1995-96 Chakawah
43 Amber Shearer 1996-97 Ada L. McCleary
44 Stefan Michael Woods Kovalenko 1997-98 Ada L. McCleary
45 Karina Morrison 1998-99 Ada L. McCleary
46 Christi Buck 1999-00 Ada L. McCleary
47 Terrell Peterson 2000-01 Princess Angeline
48 Bridget Dugas Campbell 2001-02 Princess Angeline
49 Carl Peterson 2002-03 Princess Angeline
50 William Morrison 2003-04 Ada L. McCleary
51 Ronald Scheck 2004-05 Spokane
52 Elizabeth Scheck 2005-06 Spokane
53 Bruce Hallock 2006-07 Ada L. McCleary
54 Shannon Braithwait 2007-08 Spokane
55 SageMarie Berg 2008-09 William Devin
56 Rachel Anderson 2009-10 Randolph Lawson
57 Brittney Heckethrone 2010-11 Randolph Lawson
58 Leilani Sheetz 2011-12 Captain Nathan Hale
59 Anatasia Felck 2012-13 Captain Nathan Hale
Keith Anderson
Steven Johnson
Emma-Grayce Fleck
Daniel Johnson
Cassidy Callihan
Nathan Steiner
Olivia Emerson
Tyler Langley

Randolph Lawson
William Devin
Captain Nathan Hale
William Devin
Princess Angeline
Princess Angeline
Ada L. McCleary

The 100-year History of the C.A.R. in Washington State, from which the above information was taken and which is attached below, was compiled by Mary Jane Honegger, Senior State President 1994-1998.   It also incorporates an earlier history compiled by Helen M.M. Sampson (Mrs. Richard I. Sampson)

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