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Above:  2016-2017 State officers being installed, February, 2016

Right:  State President Daniel Johnson and Senior State President John Berg
 by the tomb of George and Martha Washington following the installation
 ceremony after the C.A.R. National Convention, April 17, 2016


Officers of the C.A.R.  must be under the age of 22.  For each officer, there is a corresponding adult who is designated a senior officer.   Most of these "seniors", as they are called, are members of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), or Sons of the Revolution (S.R.).  These seniors provide training and guidance to the member officers.   Senior officers serve a two-year term ending in 2018.  Member officers serve a one year term.  The current officers  for the 2016-2017 year are: 

New term begins
April 23, 2017

Officers 2016-2017

Officers 2017-2018 
Senior Officers 2016-2018

State President

Daniel Johnson 
Cassidy Callihan
John R. Berg

First Vice President

William Fleck 

Daniel Johnson 

Jeanette Carroll 

Second Vice President

Tully McCombs

Rebecca Johnson 
Kate Hull


Elise Schmidt

Savannah Berg 
Hyrum Berg


Steven Johnson 

William Fleck 

Rod Fleck 


Rebecca Johnson 

Isaac Johnson 

Flora Johnson 


Shayla McCombs

Ariana Moreyra 
Sally Buckingham


Dinah Lee 

Dinah Lee 
Stefan Kovalenko


Savannah Berg

Luke Byrd 

Jenny Schmidt 

*The Senior State President is appointed by the Senior National President and confirmed by the Senior National Board of Management.

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