User Registration

Members and Senior Leaders may register to use the Authorized User section of this site. 

As of January 31, 2018, this section of the website is not in use.

If you are an officer or a senior leader in the Washington State Society C.A.R. or a local society, or are a National Officer or Senior National Officer, you may apply for access to the controlled area of this Web site by completing the application below.  You will be sent your access ID and password when approved.

You will have access to documents, coming events, bylaws, newsletters, and e-mail to other users within the Washington State C.A.R. family.  These are handled through Google Apps.   Rather than needing to log on to www.WaStateCAR.org to view your mail,  your mail to that domain address can be forwarded to you own e-mail address.  You may request that it not be forwarded.