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Starting a Local C.A.R. Society

Washington State Society of the Children of the American Revolution

is affiliated with the

Daughters of the American Revolution [DAR],
Sons of the American Revolution [SAR], and
Sons of the Revolution [S.R.]
[left to right]
Carol Jean Gaffney, Washington State DAR Regent
Douglas Nelson, Washington State SAR President
Emma-Grayce Tinker-Fleck, Washington State C.A.R. President
John R. Berg, Washington State C.A.R. Senior President

Six members are needed to organize a C.A.R. society.  C.A.R. societies are traditionally sponsored by a DAR or SAR chapter,  however this is not required.  Any member of the DAR, SAR or S.R. may organize a C.A.R. society.  A sponsoring DAR or SAR chapter or chapters provide adult leadership and a pool of potential C.A.R. members.

 Local C.A.R. societies are chartered by the National Society of the Children of the American Revolution.  Since the C.A.R. is a separate organization from the affiliated sponsoring organizations, the sponsoring DAR or SAR chapter does not "own" or control the local C.A.R. society.  More than one DAR or SAR chapter may sponsor a local C.A.R. society.

 Each local C.A.R. society has a Senior President appointed by the Senior State President and confirmed by the Senior National Board of Management.  The Senior President and Senior First Vice President must be members of the DAR, SAR or S.R.   Other adult leaders need not be members of the DAR, SAR or S.R. unless required by local society bylaws.

 Once organized, the member officers, the youth,  preside under the guidance and supervision of the Senior Society President.

 The steps to organize a local C.A.R. society are:

     1.  Contact the Senior State President by clicking below.

     2.  Gather other interested prospective members, parents, and other DAR or SAR to help.

     3.  The Senior State President appoints a DAR or SAR as an Organizing President.

     4.  The appointment is confirmed by the C.A.R. Senior National Board of Management, which then authorizes the organizing process.

     5.  The Organizing President approves member applications and forwards then to National C.A.R.

     6.  The new society selects a name for the new society, which must be approved by the Senior National Board of Management before the new society is confirmed.

     7.  When there are at least six members for the new society, an organizing meeting is held at which time the bylaws are adopted and officers elected.

      8.  The Senior State President appoints a Senior Society President and the Senior National Board of Management confirms the appointment and the new society confirmed and chartered. 


For more information contact the Senior State President.

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