Elections will be held at the State Conference for C.A.R. State Officers for the year beginning on April 22, 2012.

Elections for Senior State Officers (except for the Senior State President who is appointed by the Senior National President) will take place at the Senior State Board meeting preceding the State Conference.

The respective Nominating Committees reports are as follows:

 Office        Member Senior
 President   Anastasia Fleck Connie Anderson*
 First Vice President
 Keith Anderson Peggy Goldenman
 Second Vice President Steven Johnson Stefan Kovalenko
 Chaplain Emma Boks Kelli Gracia
 Secretary Annalee Nelson Rod Fleck
 Treasurer Leilani Sheetz Jennifer Lundberg
 Registrar Chelsea Heckethorne Janice Heckethorne
 Historian Elise Schmidt Jenny Schmidt
 Librarian-Curator Jade Harris
 Andrew Schmidt
 Jessica Stern

*The Senior State President's appointment is pending confirmation at the Senior National Board of Management meeting April 18, 2012