Nominating Committee Report

The State Nominating Committe will report the following nominations at the March, 2011 State Conference:

Nominees for 2010-2011



State President

Leilani Sheetz

First Vice President

Tyler Michaud

Second Vice President

Emmaline Davis


Keith Anderson


Anastasia Fleck


Steven Johnson


Rachel Anderson


Michael Hallock


SageMarie Berg 

Nominations are permitted from the floor.   State officers must be current members of the Washington State Society C.A.R. and not at-large members.    The State President must be a C.A.R. member for at least a year before taking office (National Number less than 157729) and must have served a term as a C.A.R. state officer or C.A.R. society president, although not necessarily in Washington State.  It is permissible to nominate oneself.   The same person may be nominated for more than one office.  A nomination does not require a second.  A member need not be present to be nominated or elected.