Senior State President John Berg and State President Sage Berg



The 2009 C.A.R. Washington State Conference was held Saturday, March 28, 2009 at the Northgate Branch of the Seattle Public Library, 10548 5th Ave NE., Seattle Washington.   There were twelve members and seniors present for either the conference or board meetings.


The conference was preceded and  by meetings of the State Board and the Senior State Board.  In addition, a meeting of the joint boards approved bylaw amendments.    Theagenda of the conference  included election of officers for the coming year and reports from the outgoing state officers, as well as reports from the various Society Presidents.


Because a quorum was not present to make the election of officers official, the Senior State President will appoint state officers for the coming year, in accordance with the bylaws.


Rachael Anderson of the Randolph Lawson Society will be the new State President for 2009 - 2010.   She will be attending and will be installed at the National Convention in Alexandria, Virginia Aprilo 17-19th.


The banquet originally scheduled for the evening following state conference was cancelled.