Captain Nathan Hale Society C.A.R.

Washington State Society of the Children of the American Revolution 

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The newest C.A.R. society in Washington State had its organizing meeting in Bremerton, Sunday, January 11, 2009.  Officers were elected and installed.  Its organization was confirmed by the Senior National Board of Management on February 9, 2009


The Captain Nathan Hale Society is composed of seven new C.A.R. members and four members transferring from other societies in Washington State.   It draws its members from Kitsap County and elsewhere on the Olympic Penninsula in Washington State, specifically Forks.


Since the name Nathan Hale was used by a previous C.A.R. society that has been disbanded, the Captain Nathan Hale Society is technically termed a reorganization, but is essentially a new society with no ties to the former society by the same name.


Officers and senior officers elected were:


          Office                            Officer                                             Senior Officer

     President                     Anthony (Tony) Sheetz           Marissa Goldenman*

     Vice President          Leilani (Lani) Sheetz                 Elayne Stodola

     Chaplain                      Annalee Nelson                          Kelli Reinhardt

     Secretary                    Anastasia Fleck                          Eric Nelson

     Treasurer                    Trevor Haywood                       Doug Nelson

     Registrar                     Grace Nelson                               Daphne Jasinski

     Historian                     Emma-Grace Fleck                   Rod Fleck

     Librarian-Curator   Kailee Patenberg                      Terri Williams

     Parliamentarian                                                                 Peggy Goldenman**


       *Appointed by the Senior State President and approved by Senior National Board of Management

       **Appointed by the Senior Society President



Society President Tony Sheetz presiding
with Organizing President Marissa Goldenman looking on.


Click here for more photos on the Organizing Meeting.


Contact the Senior President for more information.